Friday, July 5, 2013

What Inspires Me

I’ve been inspired by artists (The Artist) musicians (B-3 Blues) composers (Sailing with Ludwig) interior designers (I’ve Got Designs On You) trains (Listen Up) bicycles (Cultural Trail Theme) the weather (One-O-Four) the seasons (Leaf Movement) and months (Rocktober.)

I’ve written about hope (The Light at the End of the Blues) and despair (Unspoken.)

I’ve been inspired by people’s names (Wise Guy) what they wear (Deux Chapeaux) and what they say (Lip Service.)

I’ve written music for beginnings (The One I Love) middles (Interlude) and endings (A Song in the Key of DAVE.)

My music can be a little sweet (A Little Sweet) or really mean (A Really Mean Boogie-Woogie.) Or a bit of both (Bittersweet.)

I’ve been inspired by family (Daddy’s Kind of Rock) friends (Still Something to Say) and people who anger me (What Might Have Been.)

I’ve written music to cheer myself up (Lemonade) and to cheer up a friend (Squeeze the Cheese.)

I can do tongue-in-cheek (Seriously Blue) lighthearted (Jaggedy Rag) and laugh-aloud funny (Sumthin’ Funky.)

I’ve written about searching (Searching) and finding (I Got It.)

I’m not done writing yet. I can make something special for you (Call Me.)

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