Friday, November 2, 2012

A Grammy For Me, World Peace For All

Ever since I can remember, I’ve watched award shows, and dreamt of being there, hearing my name called and humbly accepting whichever one they offered me. Oscar, Tony, Emmy, or Grammy – I pictured the clothes I would wear, and imagined the speech I would give (no script, off the cuff, yet very moving.)

I’ve been writing music for over 15 years now, and haven’t put out a CD since 2007. It’s not that I stopped writing. I’ve just shifted my focus. Rather than concentrate on making great music, I’ve been studying people who have won Grammys and analyzed their speeches and followed their Twitter feeds. So now, I really feel strongly that I will not only be a contender, but that I can win the Grammy this time around.

I will be releasing my new soon-to-be award-winning CD in just a few months. I would give you a little sample of the tracks, but that would take some time away from my Grammy campaign. Just know that the new tunes are amazing – and please vote for me!

People have asked about the recording process and what it was like to work with some fabulous musicians in Indianapolis. Believe me, there are some great jazz players in this town. And I look forward to having them join me at the studio just as soon as I get the tunes down on paper that are spinning around in my head.

At parties, friends say to me, “Let’s hear one of your new songs!” And I say, “Oh, you’ll hear them alright, just as soon as I win that Grammy!” This gets them so excited! “Wow, you’re up for a Grammy? That is amazing! Can I go with you? What are you going to wear!!!”

The songs that have almost formulated in my mind are absolute hits, you just wait and see!

In this day and age of social media and networking, I’m sure everyone who reads this knows someone who knows someone that is a Grammy voter. So, please spread the word. Vote for Becky Archibald! Feel free to direct your friends to my website at Everything they need to know about my music is either there or going to be posted there as soon as I win!

Music is universal. It crosses all boundaries and connects and comforts us. I really believe that the music I will soon create can help guide us toward a more peaceful planet.

Thanks in advance for your vote. And please send me some love (in the way of cash) so I can buy this fabulous dress I have my eye on. When I win, I need to look the part!