Friday, October 19, 2012

Are You My Audience?

People often ask me, “Who is your audience?” I guess if you are reading this, you are who they inquire of. So, please tell me a little about yourself, so that I can pass it on to the next person who asks.

I ran into a friend who I hadn’t seen in years. She said, “You have no idea how much your stories mean to people. Please keep them coming!” So one answer, when asked the question, “who is your audience?” could be, “I’ve been told that I have no idea.”

Not only am I supposed to know my audience intimately, I am expected to be able to sum up who they (as in, you) are within 15 seconds. Even if I tried to describe the personality of one of my friends/audience members, I would have trouble doing it in 15 seconds.

“Well, this one guy that often shows up at my concerts always has a great big smile on his face. He has an accent but I can’t quite tell what country he is from. He brings a different person with him each time, so maybe he likes to expose his friends to. . .”

Oops, I ran out of time.

But hopefully this gives you a broad picture of who my audience is (that is, if I have an audience of one) (but hopefully not) (I mean, one plus a friend of his) (whom I know absolutely nothing about.)

I learned awhile back never to say, when asked the “who is your audience” question: “EVERYONE!! People of all ages, hairstyles and musical preferences have promised to attend one of my concerts someday and/or read my stories!” That would be like, when filling out a list of skills on a job application, saying: “EVERYTHING!! I have proven skills in every area of every type of work known (or yet to be known) to man!

Specifically, people want to know who my music-listening audience is, as opposed to my blog-reading audience. And of the music I’ve written, who is my solo piano audience vs. my chamber music audience vs. my jazz audience. And of the jazz, who is my bebop-listening audience vs. my blues audience vs. my fusion audience vs. my funky audience vs. my in-the-style-of-Monk audience.

It may be wiser of me to generalize my audience rather than pinpoint specific food allergies or personality traits, so that no matter who is reading this can see themselves clearly, such as:

“My audience is very hip, witty, youthful, attractive, brilliant, sarcastic, INFJ, ESTP, and generous (but never to a fault.) They are loved and admired by each person they come in contact with.

Yep, that’s it, that’s the one. Plus, I can say it in less than 15 seconds.

Becky Archibald

P.S. Important note to my audience: Be watching. . .my new jazz CD. . .coming soon!

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  1. I'm just a music lover who is very, very thankful that her daughter discovered her music writing talent and uses it to bless others.