Monday, March 26, 2012

Remembering Chuck Workman

Remember Chuck Workman

I used to listen to Chuck on the Sunday Morning Jazz Show, WTPI. When my first CD came out, a friend suggested I send it to him. I jumped out of my seat when I heard him play “Searching.” He was the very first to put my music on the air. Later he called to interview me for a NUVO article. What a wonderful voice to hear over the phone!

Over the years, I have done many radio interviews with Chuck, and he has written many articles about my music. He believed in me so much, he helped me believe in myself. He really floored me with the headline pictured above.

I called him every time I had something big coming up, and he always called me back to hear the latest. I was even planning on calling him today. . .

I’m not quite ready yet, but when I am, I will enjoy listening again to the tapes of our radio interviews. His enthusiasm was so sincere, and so infectious.

The last time I saw Chuck was at the Jazz Kitchen, just a few months ago. I watched him eat a really big dessert (that I was hoping he would offer me a bite of.) We talked and talked about music, of course. I remember him saying that he felt like he was in New York, as we listened to one of our great local jazz groups – The Farrelly/Markiewicz Quartet.

Chuck, thank you for your love of music, your kindness and your generous spirit. I miss you already.

Becky Archibald
March 26, 2012

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